The TradeWinds
Yacht Ownership Program

Three exclusive yachts to choose from,
three simple ways to purchase


Just Enjoy!

When you choose to purchase your own yacht with our exclusive TradeWinds Yacht Ownership Program, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy a number of yacht ownership benefits.

Let us take care of all the challenges that yacht ownership brings!

Why are we unique?

Experience five-star, all-inclusive luxury with TradeWinds' yacht ownership and enjoy being pampered while cruising in some of the worlds most beautiful waters.

Unparalleled in service and adventure, simply arrive onboard for our famous 'Champagne Welcome' and we'll do the rest. Life onboard doesn't get much better than this!

TradeWinds Yacht
Ownership benefits

We'll take care you and your investment. We'll make it easier for you to discover the world from the comfort of your very own luxury catamaran so you can set sail for new horizons.

Experience the best of both worlds and enjoy a range of TradeWinds benefits with our exclusive Yacht Ownership Program.

Three beautiful
yachts for sale

Luxury, speed or comfort? It's a tough decision. How do you make the right choice when there are so many luxury sailing yachts for sale?

No one said it was going to be easy! That's why we've made it simple. Choose from the TradeWinds 70, 60 or 52.


Three easy ways
to purchase

Make 2017 the year that you finally turn your sailing dreams into sailing reality!

With TradeWinds' Yacht Ownership Program, you have three options to purchase your very own luxury catamaran.

Find out more about the cost of yacht ownership and the payment plans available.

Yacht Ownership

Our yachts are located in some of the most stunning locations in the world.

We've explored the surrounding areas and have become local specialists - we know where to take you, in order to give you those unique experiences for your dream vacation. As you will see, there are many of them!

Who is TradeWinds?

TradeWinds has established itself as the Caribbean's fastest growing Crewed Yacht Charter Company, and our Private Members Club now has more than 5,000 Members.

We offer both traditional private as well as shared yacht charters, where guests and Members book only the cabin space that they need.